Wednesday, June 2, 2010

BPD, NPD, Glee, & the Lock-and-Key of Romance on TV

Here's my Glist of BP/NP appearances on on Glee:



Click on the linked names for media critiques, fan-fiction, interviews, and other material about each character.  So far, these analyses have not ventured into the characters' psychology, but I am seeing BPD/NPD couplings everywhere on Glee.

Post a comment if you disagree or want to make additions, revisions, or web-links to this list.  For more information on this relationship structure, see Joan Lachkar's book on the subject.


  1. I was actually thinking about Terry & BPD last night! I think you are correct. Funny that these categories break down so distinctly along gender lines in this show. Unless I'm just drawing a complete mental blank, the major "relationships" on the show are only between these characters. I wonder if one could theorize that BPD/NPD couples are the way the media portrays tumultous (i.e. dramatic enough to keep audience interest) relationships?

  2. Brilliant hypothesis, Beth! I think you are on to something . . .

  3. Hm. While I think Jesse is highly narcissistic, the only character I'd say exhibited out and out NPD was Sue Sylvester. Jane Lynch seems to have NPD nailed.

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